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Zucchini: Yellow Ball
Zucchini: Yellow Ball

Zucchini: Yellow Ball

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Name: Zucchini: Yellow Ball

 C. pepo



 This is a fun, baseball sized, round, yellow, zucchini. Pick before the skin hardens. Not the best flavoured zucchini but that doesn't matter if they are stuffed or roasted with other ingredients.



When to sow: After risk of frost has passed in spring. October to Christmas here in Southern Vic. Plant direct where they are to grow, or sow into punnets and transplant when big enough to handle. Try not to damage the roots when transplanting.


Plant Type: Bush


Uses: These are particularly good when stuffed and baked as the skin is tough and they don't easily fall apart. Can be sliced then fried, BBQed or roasted.


Growing Conditions: need well drained, good soil. water regularly in summer.


Pests and Diseases: can be affected by powdery mildew late in the season, but this is usually after the main flush of fruit anyway.


Special Qualities:


Seeds: 20 minimum in packet

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