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Watermelon: Sunshine
Watermelon: Sunshine

Watermelon: Sunshine

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Name: Sunshine (note, this is not the hybrid variety of the same name)


Origin: Hungary


 This is a delicious, small, yellow fleshed watermelon around 3 - 4 kg. Sweet and juicy. The thick, light green skin makes it good for short storage and shipping as it doesn't split easily.

 The fruit does not sunburn easily.


When to sow: after risk of frost has passed in spring and nights are above 10C. Sow directly where they are to grow, or in punnets and transplant when they are big enough to handle. Try not to damage the roots when transplanting.


Plant Type: Sprawling vine

Uses: Eat fresh, add to fruits salads, or juice.

Growing Conditions: Needs well drained, fertile soil. Water regularly in summer when the soil is dry.

Pests and Diseases:

Special Qualities: Very sweet. Bright yellow flesh.


Seeds: 20 minimum in packet.