Sugar Beet

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Sugar Beet

Name: Sugar Beet

 Beta vulgaris

Origin: Europe


Sugar beet is traditionally used to make sugar, as an alternative to the tropical sugar cane. There are recipes for making your own sugar at home using beets but make sure you follow all the steps or it may come out a bit bitter.

Sugar beet can also be eaten as a table beet but it tends to be all sweet, without much flavour. 

These beets are larger and uglier than white beetroot.


When to sow: Summer and early autumn


Plant Type: root vegetable


Uses: Small beets can be used for the table, but can also be used for making sugar.


Growing Conditions: The are not fussy about soil but should be well drained. 


Pests and Diseases


Special Qualities: Fun to grow.


Seeds: 120 seeds in packet.


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