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Speckled snow pea
Speckled snow pea
Speckled snow pea

Speckled snow pea

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Name: Speckled snow pea

Pisum sativum

Origin: ?

This is a multi use pea that can be used as a snow pea, snap pea or shelling pea. The pods are small but tender . The ripe, dry seeds are brown and tan speckled in colour which gives it its name.

The only online references I can find only reference it as a sprouting pea but I think that is a waste of its many talents.

There is another reddish podded pea that is called speckled snow pea onverseas but it is a different variety.


When to sow: I usually plant early in spring but you can also plant in autumn when the weather cools down. 

Plant type: Semi bush. It is neater when grown on a low trellis or fence but I don't bother. It does not climb mush. Indeterminate.

Uses: Snow pea, snap pea, fresh podded pea.

Growing Conditions: Tolerates most soil conditions. Water regularly in summer.

Pests and Diseases: This is the only pea I grow that has some tolerance to red legged earth mite.

Special Qualities: It is an average bearer of smaller pods but makes up for it by being pretty tolerant of most growing conditions.

Seeds: Minimum 30 seeds