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Small Terrarium Kit

Small Terrarium Kit

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This is an open terrarium that is suited to arid and forest plants. It makes a great gift for anyone that would love an easy care indoor garden. It is easy to assemble and maintain.

Comes with:

  • Jar
  • Plants (3), plus moss if you are ordering a forest kit.
  • Gravel and soil
  • Rock
  • Ornament
  • Instructions
  • Maintenance kit


Choose your type of plants:

Arid - these are low maintenance cacti and succulents. Unlike other terrarium kits on the market I use more expensive types of plants to give you a better experience. An arid terrarium needs direct sunlight (with a little shade from a curtain on the hottest days of summer).

Forest - these are plants that need bright but indirect light. Next to a window that the sun does not shine directly through is ideal(or draw the curtain/blind on hot days). These are the types of plants you might find in a forest. They need a little more care than arid plants.

 Not available for overseas sale or to Tas/WA