Rhubarb: Red Rover - crown

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Rhubarb: Red Rover - crown

  Name: Rhubarb 'Red Rover'

 Origin: Probably China

 Rhubarb is a perennial herb that most people are familiar with. It grows large leaves on long stems (petioles). Only the stems can be eaten.

'Red Rover' Is a selection from the Garden Larder breeding program. It is very vigorous, and produces long, thick leaf stems that are bright red. Produces best over autumn and winter, but can be harvested over most of the year.


 When to Plant: Plant out in winter when the crown is dormant. The garden bed should be weed free, and free draining. Add straw or woodchip mulch after planting. Plant rhubarb one metre from other plants.

This will be a mature, vigorous crown with fat buds so should be ready to lightly harvest the second spring after planting. Dig a large hole and plant with the buds 5cm or so below the soil line. Can be grown in large raised beds also.


Plant Type: Perennial


Uses: Usually stewed with other fruit like apple to have as a desert or on breakfast cereal. Made into jam or pies.


Growing Conditions: Needs good, manured, well drained soil. Keep the rhubarb bed weed free. These plants are vigorous so should be divided every four years to keep them producing the biggest stems.


Pests and Diseases: Snails and slugs like to shelter in the plants, and will sometimes eat the leaves.


Special Qualities: Very productive. Large.


Plant: One crown

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