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Pumpkin: Tromboncino
Pumpkin: Tromboncino

Pumpkin: Tromboncino

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Name: Pumpkin 'Tromboncino' or Zucca Di Albenga'

 C. moschata

Origin: Italy


 This is a spectacular type of butternut that has long, curled fruits. Be aware that the flowers face downward to the ground and bees can't get to them easily. If they are not pollinated they will still grow and can be used immature as zucchini. The ways to avoid this is to either hand pollinate, or grow on a fence or strong trellis to keep the flowers off the ground. Growing on a trellis means that the fruits will grow straight, rather than curly as they will be on the ground.



When to sow: After the risk of frost has passed in spring. Mid October to Christmas in Southern Australia. Sow where they are to grow, or sow in punnets and transplant when big enough to handle easily.


Plant Type: Sprawling vine


Uses: When immature they can be used like a zucchini (better texture and flavour than other zucchinis in my opinion) or leave to mature and cook them like any butternut pumpkin.


Growing Conditions: Grow in good soil that is manured and well drained. Water regularly in summer.


Pests and Diseases


Special Qualities: The seeds are all at one end which makes it easy to cut into regular pieces. It does not rot easily when cut so you can place it on your kitchen bench and cut pieces off it as you need.


Seeds: 20 minimum.