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Pumpkin: Silver Edge
Pumpkin: Silver Edge
Pumpkin: Silver Edge

Pumpkin: Silver Edge

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Name: Pumpkin 'Silver Edge'

 C. argyrosperma



 This is a pumpkin that is grown for the large, edible seeds rather than for its flesh, which is bland and not worth eating. The seeds are often cracked on harvesting which makes them easy to open for roasting.

The seeds are often used for pressing for pumpkin oil in some countries. It sets late so don't be impatient.


When to sow: After risk of frost has passed in spring. Mid October to Christmas in Southern Australia. Sow directly where they are to grow, or sow into punnets and transplant when they are big enough to handle easily. Try not to damage the roots when transplanting.


Plant Type: Sprawling vine

 Uses: Seeds.

 Growing Conditions: Needs good, well manured soil. Water regularly in summer.

 Pests and Diseases:

 Special Qualities: Seeds are high in oil


Seeds: 20 minimum in packet