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Pumpkin: Blanc du maroc

Pumpkin: Blanc du maroc

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Name: Pumpkin 'Blanc du maroc'

 C. moschata

Origin: Morocco


 This is a large acorn to round pumpkin in the butternut family to around 5kg. The flesh is sweet and delicious but it does break down and go quite soft in cooking so may be best used in soups - though we do roast it in our house.

The centre, around the seeds, is stringy but that is not a reflection on the quality of the flesh. 


When to sow: After the risk of frost has passed in spring. Mid October to Christmas in Southern Australia. Sow where they are to grow, or sow in punnets and transplant when big enough to handle easily.


Plant Type: Sprawling vine

Uses: Soups, roasting, steamed - any way you would normally use pumpkin.

 Growing Conditions: Grow in good soil that is manured and well drained. Water regularly in summer.

 Pests and Diseases

 Special Qualities: This pumpkin plant is pretty heat tolerant and will survive and fruit in hotter summer conditions than some others.


Seeds: 20 minimum.