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Nasturtium 'trailing mix'

Nasturtium 'trailing mix'

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Name: Nasturtium 'Trailing MIx'

 Tropaeolum majus

Origin: Andes


 This is a bright and colourful mix of common garden nasturtiums. Flowers come in orange, cream and some reds. 


When to sow: Spring after risk of frosts has passed. Sow in punnets or trays and transplant to the garden when big enough to handle.


Plant Type: Trailer and weak climber to around 1.5m tall


Uses: pretty flowers for the garden. Some people put the baby leaves in salads for their peppery flavour, or pickle the green seed pods as an alternative to capers.


Growing Conditions: Good, damp, manured soil. Must have afternoon shade in summer.

 Pests and Diseases: No serious pests. 

Special Qualities: Very pretty. 

Seeds: 35 minimum in packet.