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Melon: Zatta
Melon: Zatta

Melon: Zatta

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Name: Melon 'Zatta'

C. melo


Origin: Italy

 This old, true canteloupe is very sweet and has a ribbed and warted skin. Like most of the old canteloupes (canteloupes are a different class of melon than rock (musk) melons that most people are used to. What most people call canteloupes are really not) tehy are really only for home growing as they do not store or transport well.

It is ripe when the skin is about half yellow. If you wait till it is all yellow and slips from the vine then it will be over-ripe. Occasionally if the summer is too hot the fruits will be a bit misshapen and may over ripen quickly.


When to sow:After risk of frost has passed in spring. Mid October to December in Southern Australia. Sow directly where they are to grow or sow in punnets and transplant out into the garden when they are big enough to handle. Avoid damaging the roots when transplanting.


Plant Type: Trailing vine


Uses:Eat fresh as is, or add to fruit salads, or juice

Growing Conditions:Needs good, well drained soil. Water regularly in Summer.

Special Qualities: Tasty, old heritage variety

Problems: The fruits sunburn easily in summer so cover them with rhubarb leaves or pieces of cardboard.


Seeds:   20 minimum in a packet.