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Melon: Kazakh
Melon: Kazakh

Melon: Kazakh

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Name: Kazakh.

C. melo


Origin: Kazakhstan

This is a small melon that is sweet but not the cloying sweetness that most other melons have, more refreshing. The flesh is crisp and very light green. 


When to sow: After risk of frost is over in spring. Mid October to November in Southern Australia. Can be direct sown where they are to grow, or sow in pots and transplant when big enough to handle.

 Plant Type: Vining groundcover. Can be grown on a trellis but the vine is compact enough that you don't really have to.


Uses:  Great for fresh eating, fruit salads or juicing. Refreshing enough to have as a palate cleanser on a cheeseboard.


Growing Conditions: Needs fertile, well drained soil and regular watering in summer. Fruits may have to be protected from sunburn on hot days. You can cover the fruits with pieces of cardboard or large leaves for this. 

Pick when the skin is spotted with yellow, not fully yellow when they could be over-ripe. When ready to pick the spot where it lies on the ground will be bright yellow.


Pests and Diseases: Watch for powdery mildew late in summer/autumn.

 Special Qualities:  A very good flavoured melon.

 Seeds: Minimum of 20 seeds

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