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Eggplant: Antigua
Eggplant: Antigua

Eggplant: Antigua

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Name: Eggplant 'Antigua'

 Solanum melongena


 A very pretty eggplant that has purple striped fruits that are mild and non bitter. The plants are small but very productive. Pick fruits at around 15cm long.

When to sow: Spring after risk of frost has passed. November in Southern Australia when the night minimum temps are over 10C


Plant Type: bush to 1m tall

 Uses: Fry, bake, grill, toss with pasta, stuff.

 Growing Conditions: Sow in trays in late October and keep in a warm place until around 12cm tall then plant out. Water regularly in summer.

 Pests and Diseases: Caterpillars that eat the inside of the fruits.


Special Qualities: tasty, pretty


Seeds: 30 minimum