Corn: Strawberry Popcorn

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Corn: Strawberry Popcorn

Name: Strawberry Popcorn

Zea Mays


Origin: Difficult to find out.


A fun, red popcorn that has a shape like strawberries. Pops well if stored correctly and with very few 'old maids'.



When to sow:When soil is warm in late spring. November/December in Southern Australia. Sow direct where they are to grow in the garden.


Plant Type: Tall grass-like plant to 1.3m tall.


Uses:After drying the cobs thoroughly, rub off the kernals and dry a bit longer before using it like 'normal' popcorn.


Growing Conditions:Soil must be warm and night time temperatures above 10C to grow well. Water regularly in dry weather.



Special Qualities:Just a fun plant to grow.


Seeds:   100 seeds minimum in a packet

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