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Chinese Toon

Chinese Toon

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Name: Chinese Toon, Chinese mahogany

 Toona sinensis

Origin: Asia


 This tree is easy to grow from seed. It has delicious, pinkish new leaves in spring. Note that this tree suckers badly so is not good for small gardens. The suckers can be kept down by frequent mowing.

 Keep the tree pruned every winter to encourage it to grow more new shoots in spring.


When to sow: Spring. Sow seeds individually in pots then plant out when they are around 30-40cm tall.


Plant Type:  Deciduous tree


Uses: the new shoots in spring have a savoury, oniony flavour. They are great chopped finely and added to egg dishes.


Growing Conditions: Will tolerate many soils and conditions. water well in their first year to establish.


Pests and Diseases:


Special Qualities: Interesting flavour


Seeds: 30 minimum in packet