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Capsicum: Mini Bells
Capsicum: Mini Bells

Capsicum: Mini Bells

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Name: Mini Bells

 Capsicum annuum


 These are the cutest little, colourful capsicums. They are sweet and look great in salads both chopped or stuffed with strong cheese and onion.

If you are wondering if they are fiddly to prepare, just use an apple corer to core and deseed them quickly and easily.

They come in red, orange and brown/chocolate colours, and also green if you pick any under-ripe. 

When to sow: After risk of frost is over in spring. Mid October to Christmas in Southern Australia. Sow in trays or punnets and transplant when they are big enough to handle.


Plant Type: Bush to 60cm


Uses: Any way you would use capsicums. chop or slice and add to salads, stir-fries or any other savoury dish. They can be stuffed with any salad and meat ingredients and served raw, microwaved or baked.


Growing Conditions: Needs good, manured, well drained soil. Water regularly in summer when soil is dry.


Pests and Diseases: Sometimes the fruit can be attacked by earworm (A type of caterpillar).


Special Qualities: VERY productive


Seeds: 30 minimum seeds in a packet.

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