Cabbage: Vertus

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Cabbage: Vertus

Name: Cabbage 'Vertus'

 B. Oleracea



 I do grow some 'normal' vegetables and this is one, because a lot of people like a cabbage that is 'standard'. Vertus is a savoy cabbage (it has finely crinkled leaves) and is one of the best for making coleslaw.

 If you want a standard cabbage that will do everything you want, this is it - grows well, tender, mild.


When to sow: Mid to late summer. Sow into punnets or trays and transplant when they are big enough to handle easily.


Plant Type: savoy cabbage


Uses: Steam, coleslaw - there are heaps of cabbage recipes online.


Growing Conditions: Good, well manured soil. Water regularly when it is dry.


Pests and Diseases: White butterflies are the worst. netting is advised, at least until the weather cools down in autumn.


Special Qualities:


Seeds: 200 minimum in a packet

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