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Wild Currant Tomato
Wild Currant Tomato

Wild Currant Tomato

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Name: Wild Currant tomato


Origin: South America


 This is a very productive tomato that produces masses of tiny fruits that kids love to forage. I usually pick handfuls of them and eat them as I work. be aware that it self seeds from fruits that are left on the ground.


 When to sow: After risk of frost is over in spring. Sow in punnets or trays and carefully transplant them to the garden or tubs when big enough to handle.


Plant Type: Large, sprawley bush. Can be pruned and staked.


Uses: eat out of hand, add to salads or sautes.


Growing Conditions: Easy to grow and fairly tough. Good for beginners. Best in good, well manured, and well drained soil. Water regularly when the soil is dry in summer.


Pests and Diseases: Very few.


Special Qualities: Very sweet and productive


Seeds: 30 minimum in packet