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Tomato: Matts Folly
Tomato: Matts Folly

Tomato: Matts Folly

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Name: Matts Folly


Origin: USA


 A nice, stripy, egg shaped tomato. Typical tomato flavour. This is a very productive tomato that fruits for months.


 When to sow: When risk of frost is over in spring. So in punnets or trays and transplant out when they are big enough to handle easily.


Plant Type: Indeterminate bush. Best staked and pruned


Uses: Sandwiches, sautes or salads. Good for most tomato uses.


Growing Conditions: Pretty tough but does best in good, well drained soil. Water regularly in summer when dry.


Pests and Diseases:


Special Qualities:


Seeds: 30 minimum in packet.