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Eggplant: Don Quixote

Eggplant: Don Quixote

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Name: Eggplant 'Don Quixote

 Solanum melongena



Don Quixote is a Russian developed variety and is suited to cooler climates. It will germinate at lower temperatures than most other varieties. On the down side, it doesn't handle high heat as well.

It is a scimitar shaped fruit which is mild flavoured. 


When to sow: Spring after risk of frost has passed. October/November in Southern Australia

 Plant Type: bush to 1m tall

 Uses: Fry, bake, grill, toss with pasta, stuff.

 Growing Conditions: Sow in trays in late October and keep in a warm place until around 12cm tall then plant out. Water regularly in summer.

 Pests and Diseases: Corn earworm - a caterpillar that eats the inside of the fruits.


Special Qualities: tasty, rare


Seeds: 30 minimum