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Tomato: Fahrenheit Blues
Tomato: Fahrenheit Blues
Tomato: Fahrenheit Blues

Tomato: Fahrenheit Blues

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Name: Tomato 'Fahrenheit Blues'

 Solanum lycopersicum

Origin: US


Fahrenheit Blues is one of the blackest tomatoes you can grow.  It is a great cherry tomato with a better taste than most 'blacks' and a great depth of flavour. The dark colour contrasts well with yellow and red cherry tomatoes in salads.

Depending on the weather they may be black all over or half black and half red. You can tell when they are ripe when they turn from black to dark olive in colour.

The plant is late bearing but productive and should be staked. Please note that the leaves are naturally curled and this is not a sign of disease, it is bred that way to let more light onto the fruits to give them more colour.


When to sow: After risk of frost is over in mid to late spring. You can sow in trays a little earlier and keep them warm by a window inside, or in a hothouse, until ready to plant out.

 Plant Type: indeterminate

 Uses: Salads, or eating right off the vine.

 Growing Conditions: Needs well manured, well drained soil in full sun. Water regularly in summer.   


Pests and Diseases: Tomatoes have many pests and diseases. If they don't look good then a quick Google search, or asking on a gardening Facebook group should help you out. These don't seem to be as prone to caterpillars as many other tomatoes.


Special Qualities: Unusual black fruits. Unusual curled leaves.

 Seeds: 30 minimum in packet