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Tomatillo: Amarylla

Tomatillo: Amarylla

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Name: Amarylla

 Physalis ixocarpa

Origin: mexico


 This is an unusual yellow variety of tomatillo that is sweet, rather than the savoury, tomato like flavour of other tomatillos.

Some people don't like the after flavour but I am not able to taste it myself. If you don't pick up all the fruit they will self seed next year and become a weed. Pick the fruits when they split their skins. The fruits are covered in a papery skin which protects it from a lot of insects. Pick the fruits when they burst their skins.



When to sow: After risk of frost is over in mid to late spring. Sow in punnets and transplant when big enough to handle.


Plant Type: bush


Uses: Tomatillos are traditionally used in green sauces and salsa, but these are unusually sweet and are best used as a fruit. Great in jams and fruit salads.


Growing Conditions: Will grow in most soils. Water regularly in dry weather.


Pests and Diseases: Occasionally attacked by earworm (A type of caterpillar)


Special Qualities: Sweeter than other tomatillos


Seeds: 30 seeds minimum in packet.