Melon: Crane

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Melon: Crane

Name: Crane

C. melo


Origin: USA. Developed in the 1900s by Oliver Crane and kept in a family for a few generations before the general public became aware of it and its fame spread.


This is a delicious melon that grows to around 2 or so kg in weight. When ripe the green spots start turning orange. Don't leave it to go all orange/yellow or it will be over-ripe. Does not store well so should be eaten within a few days of picking.



When to sow: After risk of frost is over in spring. Mid October to November in Southern Australia. Direct plant where theya re to grow, or sow in punnets and transplant when they are tall enough to handle. Don't disturb the roots.


Plant Type: Sprawling vine


Uses: The fruit is great served raw, in fruit salads or juiced.


Growing Conditions: Needs fertile, well drained soil and regular watering in summer.


Special Qualities: A very good flavoured melon, exceptionally sweet and juicy.


Seeds:  minimum of 20 in a packet.

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