Kale: Bear Necessities

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Kale: Bear Necessities
Kale: Bear Necessities
Kale: Bear Necessities

Name: Bear Necessities


Origin: USA


This is a very fine and feathery leaved kale without the courseness or bitterness of other kales. Note, young plants look like Red Russian kale but the leaves get finer as the plant grows.



When to sow: Spring or summer. Sow thinly in punnets or trays and transplant into the garden when they are around 10-15 cm tall.


Plant Type: Leafy green to 60 or so cm tall


Uses: baby leaves can be used raw in salads, older leaves are great steamed and served with butter, added to sautes or oven dishes. They also make crispy kale chips.


Growing Conditions: Pretty tough though they do grow better if looked after. Grow in free draining soil and water regularly in dry weather. A great green for winter dishes. Frost tolerant.


Pests and Diseases: Does not get as affected as other brassicas by white butterflies which hate the fine leaves. Can have problems with aphids.


Special Qualities: Better flavoured and textured than most other kales.


Seeds:   200 seeds minimum

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