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Italian Cabbage Turnip
Italian Cabbage Turnip

Italian Cabbage Turnip

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Name: Italian Root Cabbage

 B. napus

Origin: A very old variety of swede from Italy


 A fast growing type of swede that develops a large and ugly root. As ugly as this vegetable is, is how delicious it is. I hate swedes and turnips but the soft, buttery texture and mild flavour of this has won me over. Does not go woody or fibrous even when it is huge.


When to sow: Mid summer, but can be grown any time of the year.

 Plant Type: Root vegetable

 Uses: Roast, steam, boil. I like it chopped and steamed then served just with butter and pepper. In summer the leaves are a bit strongly mustard flavoured, but in winter the leaves taste just like cabbage and can be used like cabbage or kale.

 Growing Conditions: Tough enough to handle most soils and conditions, but of course, does much better when given good soil and regular watering.

 Pests and Diseases: White butterfies (best to net them) and aphids.

 Special Qualities: Tasty, fast growing.


Seeds: 200 minimum in packet.

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