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Beetroot: Sugar Beet

Beetroot: Sugar Beet

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Name: Beetroot, Sugar Beet

 Beta vulgaris

Origin: Europe?

 Sugar beet is historically used to make sugar, as a cool climate substitute for sugar cane. It can also be used for stock feed. I do not recommend it for the table because it does not have a lot of flavour, it is just sweet.

When to sow: Spring or mid to late summer. Sow seed where they are to grow.


Plant Type: Root vegetable.

 Uses: Sugar, stock feed, table.

 Growing Conditions: Likes a soft soil that is not too fertile. Water regularly in dry weather.

 Pests and Diseases: Not many


Special Qualities: Can be used to make sugar but follow internet instructions as the resulting sugar can be bitter if it is not processed correctly.


Seeds: 120 seeds per packet