Chocolate MInt

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Chocolate MInt

Name: Chocolate mint

 Mentha x piperita



 This is a plant I have in the garden just so I can brush against it and smell the delicious minty chocolate scent. I like to brew the leaves for upset stomach, but usually just use it for smelling.

 Like other mints chocolate mint will spread aggressively if given the right conditions - it loves lots of water. It is best to grow it in a large pot on concrete to keep it under control.


When to plant: Any time as long as you keep it watered.


Plant Type: Spreading herb


Uses: Mint sauce, tea, sensory garden


Growing Conditions: Needs damp soil so keep up the water in summer. Can spread agressively if given the right conditions so you might want to keep it in a larg pot or tub on a cement area.


Pests and Diseases: none that I have seen


Special Qualities: Beautuful chocolate/mint scent, especially on hot days.


One plant

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