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Strawberry: Pineberry
Strawberry: Pineberry

Strawberry: Pineberry

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Name: Pineberry

 Fraxinus x ananassa


  This strawberry has small, white berries covered in red seeds. They are delicious, sweet and morish. Be aware that they produce lots of runners that you can pot up yourself to grow more plants to keep or give away.

Plant next to other normal strawberries for pollination as they are not self pollinating. 


When to plant: Autumn, winter or spring

 Plant Type: Small bush with runners

 Uses: Fresh eating

 Growing Conditions: Full sun but water regularly. Needs to be planted next to a 'normal' strawberry for cross pollination to produce fruit. Is not self fertile.


Pests and Diseases: Birds, snails and millipedes

 Special Qualities: delicious


Two small, bare rooted plants