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Native Mountain Pepper

Native Mountain Pepper

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Name: Native Mountain Pepper

 Tasmannia lanceolata

Origin: Australian native plant


 This is a native shrub that bears hot and spicy flavoured leaves, and berries on the female plants.



When to sow: Spring or autumn. Sow in pots and keep watered. It can take up to six months for germination. They are very slow to grow at first and may take a year before they can be separated and planted into bigger pots.


Plant Type: Large bush but in my area they only grow to a bit over a metre.


Uses: The dried and powdered leaves are used as a spice. The dried and powdered berries off the female plants are also used as a spice and have a slightly different flavour than the leaves.


Growing Conditions: They grow naturally in shaded, damp gullies. Mine are planted under shadecloth and watered regularly in summer.


Pests and Diseases:


Special Qualities: Hot and spicy flavour


Seeds: Minimum 25 dried berries in a packet. Each berry contains a number of seeds.