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Name: Muntries

 Kunzea pomifera

Origin: Australian native plant


 This plant is a low spreading groundcover but not aggressive or invasive. You usually need two plants for cross pollination to get berries.


 When to sow: Spring or autumn. Can take months to germinate. Sow in pots and keep dampish until you see then germinate. Separate when they are around 10-15cm tall into individual pots. When they are growing well transplant into the ground.


Plant Type: Low spreading groundcover

 Uses: The apple flavoured berries appear in late January. Eat fresh or process into jam or pies.

 Growing Conditions: Grows naturally on sand dunes and dry roadsides. Drought tolerant but foes best when regularly watered in summer. Full sun.


Pests and Diseases:

 Special Qualities: edible berries

 Seeds: 25 dried berries minimum. Each berry contains multiple seeds.