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Shallot 'Thor'
Shallot 'Thor'
Shallot 'Thor'

Shallot 'Thor'

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Name: Shallot 'Thor'

Allium cepa var. aggregatum

Origin: ? This variety is very rare and I cannot find out where they come from.

 This dividing onion/shallot is a type of onion that grows from division, not seed. Unlike other shallots Thor is like a miniature version of walking onions in that they produce bulblets (topsets) on the tops of taller stems which in turn produce more stems, making multi tiered stems.

It does produce bulbs which can be eaten, then replant the topsets, just like you would do with walking onions.

These multiply rapidly so you should have a good amount within 6 months.

  When to sow: Summer or autumn

 Plant Type: Type of onion


Uses: slow bake or fry the bulbs whole or sliced, or use like normal onions. These shallots are strongly flavoured when raw but when cooked become sweet and almost fruity in flavour.


Growing Conditions: Grow in well drained, manured soil. Full sun. Separate the bulb sets anytime but I do it in summer when they die down. Replant as many as you need and eat the rest.

They will not bulb up well if they don't have reasonable care and soil but will still grow. They are pretty tough.


Pests and Diseases: I have noticed no pests or diseases.

Special Qualities: Grows like a miniature walking onion


Seeds: 6 bulbs ready to plant.