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Shallot 'Golden'

Shallot 'Golden'

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Name: Shallot 'Golden'

Allium cepa var. aggregatum

Origin: .

 This dividing onion/shallot is a type of onion that grows from division, not seed.

'Golden' is a popular shallot that is found in many peoples gardens. It has a golden coloured skin and fairly strong flavour, which mellows with cooking.

 When to sow: Summer or autumn

 Plant Type: Type of onion


Uses: slow bake or fry the bulbs whole or sliced, or use like normal onions. These shallots are slightly sweet and fairly mild when raw and sweet and mild when cooked..


Growing Conditions: Grow in well drained, manured soil. Full sun. Separate the bulb sets anytime but I do it in summer when they die down. Replant as many as you need and eat the rest.

They will not bulb up well if they don't have reasonable care and soil but will still grow. They are pretty tough.

 Pests and Diseases: I have noticed no pests or diseases.

 Special Qualities: Popular

 Seeds: 6 bulbs ready to plant.