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Broom Sorghum
Broom Sorghum

Broom Sorghum

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Name: Ornamental Broom Sorghum

 Sorghum bicolor

Origin: Africa


 Broom sorghum looks very much like corn when it is growing but has different seed heads. The seed heads on this variety come in a range o brown and golden shades. You can find good instructions for making your own brooms on Youtube or other websites. It is fairly easy. To strip the seed off the heads I use a metal dog comb.

 Grows to around 2m or so tall


When to sow: Late spring when the soil is warm. Sow direct where they are to grow. I plant in November here in Southern Victoria

 Plant Type: Tall grass-like plant

 Uses: making old fashioned brooms and brushes. Vases (the seeds don't shed easily)

 Growing Conditions: Grow like corn. Sow in good, well drained soil and water regulalry


Pests and Diseases: Heads can be attacked by aphids as they are maturing, but they generally don't do much harm at that stage. Birds (parrots and sparrows) can strip the seeds so netting is advised when the seeds start to develop.


Special Qualities: A useful plant that has gone out of favour with the introduction of plastic brooms.


Seeds: Minimum 100 seeds in a packet

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