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Asparagus: Argenteuil

Asparagus: Argenteuil

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  Name: Asparagus 'Argenteuil'

 Origin: Native to a large part of the Northern Hemisphere

  Asparagus is easy to grow from seed. This variety is very productive, and the female plants are almost as productive as the males so don't have to be culled out (unless you don't want berries self seeding). The large spears are very tender and delicious.

 This is my favourite all round asparagus variety. Next year I will also have seed from 'Purple Passion' asparagus which is an amazingly delicious one that I just love to eat raw.


 When to sow: Spring. Sow in pots or punnets and transplant where they are to grow permanently when they are big enough to handle (around 3 -5 leaves)


Plant Type: Perennial


Uses: Fresh eating raw or lightly steamed or baked.


Growing Conditions: Needs good, manured, well drained soil. keep the asparagus bed weed free. These plants will live for 20 years to plan well where you are going to plant them as they will be there for a long time.


Pests and Diseases: I have found that cats like to eat the young spears, so keep an eye on that if you live in town.


Special Qualities: Very productive. Large spears.

 Seeds: 50 seeds minimum.

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