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Lettuce: Island Gems
Lettuce: Island Gems

Lettuce: Island Gems

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Name: Island Gems

Lactuca sativa

 Origin: USA


This is a fun mix of single serve, heading lettuces that come in green as well as speckled and splashed colours. 


When to sow: Anytime outside of the hottest and coldest times of the year

 Plant Type: heading herb

 Uses: I like to place a head on a plate, cut a deep cross in it, and fill the cross with dressing, fried bacon pieces, chopped tomato and chopped avocado.

 Growing Conditions: Needs good soil and regular watering in dry weather.

 Special Qualities: Being a single serve size, there is very little waste. Doesn't go bitter.

 Seeds:  400 minimum in a packet

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