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Name: Celtuce

 Lactuca sativus



 This is a type of lettuce that is grown for its crisp, thick stem rather than the leaves. Celtuce leaves are a bit bitter so I just throw them away. Cut them when the plant is around 50cm tall and about 4-5 cm across. Pull off the leaves and peel before eating.

 This is a vegetable that is really very underrated - mostly because so few people know about it. I love it.


When to sow: Spring or autumn

 Plant Type: Tall

 Uses: Peel the stem, chop, and eat raw. In Asia it is usually stir fried.

 Growing Conditions: Grow in good, well matured soil. Water regularly in dry weather.

 Pests and Diseases: Occasional aphids


Special Qualities: The flavour is hard to describe but I find it addictive. I can eat a bowl full in front of the TV.


Seeds: 400 minimum seeds in a packet

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