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Zinnia: Burpeeana

Zinnia: Burpeeana

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Name: Zinnia 'Burpeana mix'

 Zinnia elegans



 This is a fantastic mix of many colours in large flowers. Zinnias make great garden flowers (dehead them regularly to make them flower for longer), and also long lasting vase flowers that don't drop pollen on your table. 


When to sow: Spring after risk of frosts has passed. Sow in punnets or trays and transplant to the garden when big enough to handle.


Plant Type: Bush to around 1.2m tall


Uses: pretty flowers for the garden. Long vase life without dropping pollen on the table.


Growing Conditions: Good, manured soil. Water regularly in summer. Deadhead often to keep flowering.


Pests and Diseases:


Special Qualities: Very pretty.


Seeds: 100 minimum in packet.