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Chufa: Spanish

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Chufa: Spanish

Name: Chufa 'Spanish'

 Cyperus esculentus var. sativus

Origin: Central America


 'Spanish' variety is slightly larger and better flavoured that the 'regular' chufa, though a little less productive. I find that the tubers come out cleaner with less small roots to clean than other varieties. The tubers are formed under the plant in mid to late autumn. Harvest when the leaves have mostly died down. Although not spreading, any tiny tubers you leave in the ground will sprout next year so keep an eye out for that.

The tubers taste just like almonds.


When to sow: After frosts and when the soil is warm in spring. November in Southern Australia. Plant tubers directly where they are to grow


Plant Type: Grass-like plant


Uses: Fresh eating, boiling. making Horchata. Can be ground and added to breakfast cereals.


Growing Conditions: The are not fussy about soil but should be grown in light sandy soil for ease of harvest. Keep well watered throughout the growing period.


Pests and Diseases: Sometimes mice will dig into the roots and eat the tubers before they are harvested.


Special Qualities: Flavour.


Seeds: 20 tubers in packet.

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