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Chufa: Regular

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Chufa: Regular
Chufa: Regular

Name: Chufa 'Regular'

 Cyperus esculentus var sativus

Origin: Central America


 This is a grassy looking plant that produces pea-sized tubers in mid to late autumn. The tubers are produced under the plant which means it doesn't spread, but any tiny tubers you miss will grow next year. Dig in late autumn when the leaves mostly die down. Dry in the sun then store.

 'Regular' chufa is just the name I give the variety I have grown for years, I also grow four other varieties. The regulal one is one of the better producers.

Chufa is a close relative of Yellow Nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus) which is a terrible weed. Unlike nutsedge, chufa does not produce seeds or stolons so will not spread - but any tiny tubers you leave in the soil after harvest will shoot the next year, and you always leave a few no matter how careful you are.


When to sow: Spring when the soil is warm


Plant Type: Grassy


Uses: Eat raw or boiled, or make a style of 'nut milk' called Horchata. Can be ground and added to breakfast cereal.


Growing Conditions: Needs light and sandy soil (makes harvesting easier). Water well in summer. They like a lot of water. The more water they get the bigger and more numerous the tubers.


Pests and Diseases: Sometimes mice will dig up the tubers before you get to harvesting.


Special Qualities: Tastes exactly like almonds.


Seeds: 25 tubers minimum in packet

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