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Watermelon: Japanese Cream Flesh Suika

Watermelon: Japanese Cream Flesh Suika

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Name: Japanese Cream Flesh Suika

 Citrullus lanatus

Origin: Japan


 This medium sized watermelon has creamy white coloured flesh fruit. It is unusual not just in flesh colour, but also the refreshing flavour. 


When to sow: After the risk of frost has passed in spring. Mid October to Christmas in Southern Australia


Plant Type: Sprawling vine


Uses: Fresh fruit, fruit salads, juicing.


Growing Conditions: Grow in good, well drained and manured soil. Water regularly in summer when the soil is dry.


Pests and Diseases:


Special Qualities: Sweet but without the cloying sweetness of other watermelons. Refreshing with a mild flavour.


Seeds: 20 seeds minimum