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Watermelon: Blacktail Mountain
Watermelon: Blacktail Mountain

Watermelon: Blacktail Mountain

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Name: Blacktail Mountain


Origin: USA


 This is an almost foolproof little watermelon that was bred to grow in cooler climates with a short growing season. Easy to grow. A good size for a small family. Fruits grow to around 4kg.

This is the variety I recommend for people who have not grown watermelon before. 


When to sow: When risk of frost is finished in mid to late spring. Sow directly where they are to grow in the garden or sow in punnets and transplant when they are big enough to handle. Avoid damaging the roots when transplanting.


Plant Type: Sprawling vine


Uses: Fresh fruit, juicing or add to fruit salads.


Growing Conditions: Needs well drained, good soil. Water regularly when dry in summer. fairly dry tolerant but does better with care.


Pests and Diseases:


Special Qualities: Easy to grow


Seeds: 20 minimum in packet.