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Pumpkin: Luxury Winter Pie
Pumpkin: Luxury Winter Pie

Pumpkin: Luxury Winter Pie

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Name: Luxury Winter Pie

C. pepo


Origin: USA. Introduced in 1893


A pretty and delicious pumpkin with lightly white speckled skin. Fruits grow to around 2kg or so. Not too particular so it is easy to grow.


 When to sow: After risk of frost is over in spring. October/November in Southern Australia.

 Plant Type: Trailing vine. Not as large as larger pumpkins like Queensland Blue, for example. 

 Uses: A great all round pumpkin for roasting, mashing, steaming or pumpkin pies.

 Growing conditions: Plant in fertile, well draining soil. Water regularly in dry weather.


Special Qualities: This is one of the three top flavoured and favourite pumpkins in Garden Larder customer taste tests. Loved by just about everyone.
Seeds: Minimum of 20 seeds