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Kohlrabi: Gigante
Kohlrabi: Gigante

Kohlrabi: Gigante

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Name: Kohlrabi 'Gigante'  (Also known as 'Supershmelz')

Brassica oleracea


Origin: Created in Europe


This is a spectacular variety of kohlrabi that grows to giant proportions (Up to 12kg) without going woody or fibrous. You can pick it small if you like or let it grow as big as you desire.


 When to sow: Mid to late summer. January to March in Southern Australia

 Plant Type: To 70cm tall.

 Uses: Peel and chop or slice after picking. I like to shop and add to my steamed vegetables and serve with butter and pepper, but you can also bake it. Many people like to slice it paper thin and eat raw sprinkled with salt or cayenne pepper.

 Growing Conditions: Very tough in most conditions, though, of course, does better when looked after. Soil should be well drained and water regularly in dry weather.

 Pests and Diseases: Watch out for white cabbage butterflies (it pays to net them), and aphids can sometimes be a problem.


Special Qualities: Easy to grow and can be eaten even when large.


Seeds:   200 seeds minimum

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