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Cabbage: Tronchuda

Cabbage: Tronchuda

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Name: Cabbage 'Tronchuda' or 'Portuguese Kale'

 B. Oleracea

Origin: Portugal


This is a true non-heading cabbage that produces huge leaves that are perfect for making cabbage rolls. Don't throw away the central vein of the leaves as it is tender and juicy great for steaming or cooking like silverbeet.


When to sow: Mid to late summer. Sow into punnets or trays and transplant when they are big enough to handle easily.

 Plant Type: loose head cabbage

 Uses: Steam, coleslaw, cabbage rolls, soup - there are heaps of cabbage recipes online.

 Growing Conditions: Good, well manured soil. Water regularly when it is dry.

 Pests and Diseases: White butterflies are the worst. netting is advised, at least until the weather cools down in autumn.

 Special Qualities: big leaves, pick leaves separately so the plants bear for months.


Seeds: 200 minimum in a packet