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Name: Skirret

 Sium sisarum

Origin: China


 This is an old root vegetable that produces tasty, white roots. To me the roots have a flavour mix of potato and parsnip. A better pic of roots will be uploaded when I harvest mine in a few weeks.


When to sow: A few weeks before you expect the last frost. September in Southern Australia. Sow the tiny seed in punnets or trays and transplant to the garden when they are big enough to handle easily


Plant Type: Perennial root vegetable


Uses: Boil, microwave, or bake the roots til tender.


Growing Conditions: Although many people say skirret roots will be tough or have a woody core if not grown in very damp conditions, I have not found that the case. Mine are grown in the same beds as my other vegetables, though I do put shadecloth covers over them in the heat of summer. Dig up when they start to die down at the end of autumn. The crowns can be divided and replanted at this time also.


Pests and Diseases: Rabbits like to chew the tops off mine


Special Qualities: Rare and unusual


Seeds: 100 per packet