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Rat tail radish: Singara
Rat tail radish: Singara

Rat tail radish: Singara

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Name: Rat-tail Radish 'Singara'

Raphanus raphanistrum

Origin: Europe


You will never grow another variety of rat-tail radish again once you try this one. Rat-tail radishes are grown for the tender, edible pods not the roots which rarely form a bulb.

Singara has very long and tasty, radish flavoured pods that not only look spectacular but are also, in my opinion, more tender and better flavoured than 'regular' radishes.  

When to sow: Early to mid spring. You can eitehr sow them where they are to grow, or sow in trays or punnets and transplant when they are big enough to handle easily.


Plant Type


Uses: Fresh eating, salads, stir fries (though I don't like the texture of them cooked)


Growing Conditions: The are not fussy about soil, water regularly in dry weather


Pests and Diseases: White cabbage butterfly


Special Qualities: Flavour, fast growing, long pods


Seeds: 100 minimum