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Latest news for May

Well time flies, doesn't it. Nearly the middle of the year again.

This month I have added a couple of varieties of peanuts to the shop, as well as Singara rat-tail radish, and another variety of chufa. Every month I will try to add at least one new item.

I am looking at getting 'afterpay' on my items and adding some Australian made greenhouses. Afterpay allows you to pay off a purchase in four payments over two months. Hopefully I will have it on site by the middle of this month.

I am putting down straw and woodchips in the area that will be under shadecloth this coming summer. Last summer I completely lost most of my crops due to a heatwave so I don't want that happening again. I will be planting all my Andean vegetables like arracacha and oca in this area as well as other heat sensitive crops like cucumber.

It will only a half acre this year but I will expand it over the next couple of years.

Next month I will start putting some tuber crops in the shop - oca, arracacha, hopniss and more.


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