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Latest News April 2018

Hi Everyone.

Well, the new online shop has opened - not a surprise since you are here, lol. I am a wholesale seed grower so I did not want to sell retail to the public, but with this past season being a write off due to the heat wave in January destroying most of my crops, I have to make some sort of an income to help pay the bills.


Next month (May) I will have two varieties to peanuts to offer in packets. There is not a lot else ready to harvest right now so you will have to wait for June for the tuberous vegetables to be ready.

In June-August I will be able to offer: a number of oca varieties, duck potatoes, water chestnuts, Chinese yam, hopniss, and pink lotus. I will also have rhubarb and asparagus crowns.

Pop back often to check if there is anything new you might be interested in.

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