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June News

I have had to harvest my oca early due to slug and mouse damage. I will be putting up about ten varieties in a week or so, as well as mixed packets.

You won't find anyone selling as many varieties as you will find here, due to my oca breeding program maturing. I will be offering a couple more varieties next year but since the increasing summer temperatures mean that the oca plants no longer flower I can't breed any more.

Oca (also known as New Zealand Yam) is a great alternative to potatoes, especially in cool summer areas. After harvesting and then storing 2-4 weeks for them to sweeten they can be used just like potatoes. The longer they are stored the sweeter they become and they can be eaten raw too.

Each variety has a slightly different flavour and even texture.

One downside is that, unless you live in a cool summer area, you need to grow them under shadecloth. it is really easy to make bed covers, though, with lengths of poly pipe, or tomato stakes and shadecloth, pegged down with tent pegs or something.

oca varieties

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