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Rowan none

This month is tuber month. All the tuberous vegetables will be listed tomarrow (2nd June). Hurry as I think they will sell out quickly.

I have oca, water chestnuts, Chinese yam, hopniss and duck potatoes. Sorry, no yacon or Chinese artichokes this year.

Winter is my down time, with only a little weeding to do, so I will be able to have a rest. Whew. I have been strting to put up a large, undercover shadecloth area to protect sensitive plants from the hot summer sun - this will help if we have any more heatwaves.

With  a heap of straw and woodchip mulching I have been busy getting beds ready for the spring so I hope I will have a more productive year next year.

In Early July I will list mature asparagus and rhubarb crowns.

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